Licensed Agent Opportunities

We welcome you to become our agent and explore the delightful fireworks market together. As our partner, you will enjoy the following advantages:

Recognition and Safety Assurance: Our fireworks products have been fully recognized by the Malaysian authorities and come with valid licenses. Safety and legality are the foundations of our operations.

Diverse Product Supply: We provide various types of fireworks and firecracker products to meet the needs of different celebrations and events, offering more choices to your customers.

Regional Supply Network: Wherever you are in Peninsular Malaysia, we provide regional supplies to meet your local market needs.

Professional Support and Training: Our professional team will provide comprehensive marketing and sales support to help you succeed in the market. We also offer training to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Brand Collaboration and Marketing: By becoming our agent, you will represent our reputable brand. Our brand has a reputation in the industry, providing you with credibility and trust.

Supply Chain Advantage: We have a strong supply chain and fast delivery network, ensuring timely supplies to meet your customers' needs.

Market Opportunities: Joining as an agent is a great opportunity to enter the fireworks market and gain significant profits and business growth.

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